Legacy Trail at Gateway Mesa

Discover Gateway Mesa Open Space and the new Legacy Trail

Gateway Mesa Open Space consists of 276 acres of grassland mesa and a mixed coniferous forest near the eastern boundary of Castle Rock. This open space area is open to hiking only. The existing 1.6-mile Chuck’s Loop Trail, named for the previous owner of the property, travels around the flat open grassland / woodland habitat, with sweeping views of Franktown and the Mitchell Creek Canyon area. Hikers can currently connect to Mitchell Creek Canyon Trail on the east side of the loop.

The new trail extension provides users with access to the unique northern forested portion of the property. This area is completely different from the dry, flat mesa. It is composed of dense mixed mature spruce, fir and Ponderosa pine trees, a few drainages, plunge pool wetlands, steep open scrub-covered slopes, and interesting rock formations along with ferns and rare mosses growing in the area. Due to the length of this extension and the terrain, this project will occur in two phases.

Project questions? Please contact Natural Resource Specialist Barbara Spagnuolo at bspagnuolo@CRgov.com or 720-733-2294.

Gateway Mesa North Loop Trail Plan 2020_cropped

Construction update

Phase 1 - Thanks to VOC and our volunteers!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our National Trails event on June 1. We had more than 90 volunteers and completed 2,000 feet of the new Legacy Trail.

Our second trail construction outing was a Women's Only day where 58 women worked in 90+ degree heat to build 1000 feet of new soft surface trail.

Our final construction outing for 2019 was held in October. Eighty awesome volunteers completed the following:

  • 880 ft. of new trail was built  
  • 16 new rock steps installed
  • 165 ft rock mono-wall constructed
  • 3 climbing turns

Phase 1 of trail construction has been completed. A schedule and fundraising for Phase 2 of the project is still to be determined.

Thanks to our partners!

The Town partners with the Castle Rock Parks & Trails Foundation to fund new trail

Castle Rock is growing and the demand for quality parks and trails is growing as well. The Castle Rock Parks & Trails Foundation partners with the Town's Parks and Recreation Department on key projects and initiatives that support smart growth and high quality offerings and amenities that you expect as a Castle Rock resident.  

This project is a collaboration between the Castle Rock Parks and Trails Foundation – which received a single anonymous $10,000 donation toward the trail – and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, which is providing the labor at three trail-building outings from June-October 2019.

The Foundation is now working to fund raise for Phase 2 of the project.  If interested in getting more involved, please visit GetOutdoorsCastleRock.org.

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The Town partners with VOC to construct new trail

The Parks and Recreation Department partnered with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) this year to help us construct phase 1 of a new 2-mile soft-surface trail extension to the existing Chuck’s Loop Trail at Gateway Mesa Open Space. The trail was designed by the Town's Trails Planner and was built by volunteers coordinated by VOC with support provided by the POST Partners Volunteer Program. VOC is a statewide organization that provides a volunteer workforce for outdoor stewardship projects, including invasive species management, habitat restoration, recreational improvements and trail construction and maintenance.

VOC offers the experience, knowledge, technical assistance, tools and volunteer crew leaders and workers to construct the trail in a turnkey fashion. The partnership will significantly  offset costs that would otherwise be required if using a private contractor.  


VOC 2019 Land Manager of the Year Award

The award nomination stated, "this is the first year of a multiyear project at Gateway Mesa Open Space. These projects are extremely well supported by the town of Castle Rock. Barbara, Rich and Marcy have been an excellent team to work with, and the town as ensured that VOC has everything we need across three project weekends, including a shuttle bus for the volunteers, to be successful. New partner, great support for at least three projects, anticipate more projects in the future in a growing community!"