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Castle Rock Water cares about its customers. You may have heard about the fire at a Meadows neighborhood home on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. While experts are still evaluating possible causes of the fire, extreme wind conditions and highly flammable vegetation were factors. Additionally, both a Castle Rock Water remote-reading radio device and a gas meter were installed on the side of the home in the area where the fire originated. In an abundance of caution, the Town proactively inspected more than 5,300 remote devices similar to what was on the home.  

As of Ju
ly 2019, all of those MXU units have been inspected throughout Town and no problems have been discovered with these units. Homeowners were notified of the device inspection with a door tag.
The fire department investigation has found that the water meter infrastructure was not the cause of the fire. 

Defensible space

Flammable vegetation was a contributing factor to this fire. In dry weather conditions, understanding defensible space is extremely important. Experts recommend moving combustible materials, such as fire-prone vegetation - including Juniper shrubs and Fitzer bushes - away from the home. Also, it's especially important to keep the area around utility hookups clear. If residents have questions regarding flammable vegetation and defensible space around homes, call Castle Rock Fire and Rescue at 303-660-1066.

Learn more about highly flammable vegetation.

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Castle Rock Water is working to stay proactive and transparent with customers. There is not a public safety risk, but concerned customers are encouraged to call Castle Rock Water Customer Service at 720-733-6000. Customers may also email to check if their home is on the inspection list.

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