Future Park Planning

Neighborhood Park Site Selection Process
  1. Background
  2. Site Selection Criteria
  3. Potential Sites
  4. Public Input / Recommendation
  5. Next Steps

Town plans for next neighborhood park

A park means so much more to a neighborhood than just providing playground equipment. It becomes a central gathering location and a place where memories are made within the community. 

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan establishes services levels for neighborhood parks. While metro districts and schools also provide neighborhood park access, the Town sets aside eight acres for every 1,000 residents. This action helps ensure that residents will have close access to neighborhood parks once the Town is fully built-out.

Funding for new parks

Funding sources for the construction of new parks is different than the funding sources for the renovation and maintenance of existing parks. New neighborhood parks are funded through impact fees. Impact fees are imposed on new development projects to help fund the costs of providing public services, like parks, to those new developments. The Town receives $3,849 per 3,000-square-foot single family home to be applied to the construction of new parks and recreation facilities.  

For the next project, the Town anticipates developing five to eight acres of parkland within an allotted $2 million budget. 

For additional background information, please review the Park Site Selection Background Information presentation.