Large Commercial

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Building, 2350 Meadows Blvd.
The hospital was awarded for its unique and powerful architectural statement.

Small Commercial

Azura Memory Care of Castle Rock, 864 Barranca Drive
The building was awarded for architectural details that visually separate the structure from adjoining commercial and residential development.

Historic Preservation

Old Stone Church Restaurant, 210 Third St.
The restaurant was awarded for preservation of historic architectural details of a rhyolite structure, preserving the history and heritage of Castle Rock.

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Garden of Eatin', 2350 Meadows Blvd.
The hospital was awarded for providing environmental and healthy lifestyle educational opportunities, sense of community and a connection to the environment.

Commercial Remodel
Lux Creative Building, 19 N. Wilcox St.
The building was awarded for excellent use of old and new construction techniques to significantly upgrade the facade and enhance the streetscape view.

Downtown Project

Rink at the Rock/White Pavilion, 414 Perry St.
Consistent with the Downtown Master Plan, this site was awarded for improving vitality of Downtown businesses by creating a community gathering place, enhancing the social aspects and attracting visitors for the Downtown area.

Community Character/Sense of Place
Veterans Monument Plaza, Fourth and Wilcox streets
Consistent with the Downtown Master Plan, this site was awarded for being a unique gathering place Downtown, providing opportunity for year-round remembrance and education, and creating interest and attracting visitors, thus enhancing the Downtown goals to increase pedestrian traffic and offer a place of interest.

Public Facility
Wrangler Park, 2418 Autumn Sage St.
The park was awarded for being an outstanding amenity that includes western themes and special play features for residents to enjoy. This created opportunity for local and regional activities, as well as for connection to the adjacent elementary school and trails.
Castle Rock Adventist Hospital
Azura Memory Care
Old stone church.FINAL
CR Adventist Hospital Garden of Eatin
Lux Creative Building
Rink at the Rock
Veterans Memorial
Wrangler Park FINAL