Commercial Activity Permits and Concessions

The Parks and Recreation Department is the issuing authority for vending and commercial activity permits for Town parks.

Municipal Code: 12.12.030 - General Rules and Regulations
It shall be unlawful to conduct any commercial activity, or provide any service, product or activity for which a fee is charged, on any park or open space lands, except when such activity is authorized in writing by the director of Parks and Recreation.

Commercial Activity Permit
The Commercial Activity Permit provides licensed vendors the opportunity to sell food, nonalcoholic beverages and other goods at designated sites approved by the Town. Nonpermitted vendors with mobile vending units are not allowed within 300 feet of Town parks. All mobile food / nonalcoholic beverage vending carts must be certified by Tri County Health Department.

Vending permit fees
  •  One day only fee: $50
  • Annual fee: $500
  • Special event only fee: $100
Application and additional information
Application processing
Allow two weeks for application processing and approval.