Domestic Noncommercial Beekeeping

Conditions of approval
Domestic noncommercial beekeeping is permitted as an accessory use in all single-family residential districts (R-1, R-1A, R-2) and any planned development (PD) use that permits single-family residential development as long as these conditions are met:
  • Number of colonies/hives
  • Two colonies/hives are allowed per platted lot
  • Barrier of flyways
Location requirements
When a colony is situated within 25 feet of a developed public or private property line, as measured from the nearest point of the hive to the property line, the beekeeper shall establish and maintain a flyway barrier at least 6 feet high, consisting of a solid wall, fence, or plant vegetation parallel to the property line and extending 10 feet beyond the colony in each direction so that all bees are forced to fly at an elevation of at least 6 feet above ground level or over the property lines in the vicinity of the apiary.

Setback requirements
All hives shall be located at least 5 feet from any adjoining property with the back of the hive facing the nearest adjoining property.

Prohibited actions
  • The keeping by any person of bee colonies in the Town not in strict compliance with these regulations is prohibited.
  • Any bee colony not residing in a hive structure intended for beekeeping, or any swarm of bees, or any colony residing in a standard or homemade hive which, by virtue of its condition, has obviously been abandoned by the beekeeper, is unlawful and may be summarily destroyed or removed from the Town by the Town Manager.
More information 
For more information, please email the Zoning Division.