Call Statistics and EMS Calls

Castle Fire and Rescue Operations Division report.
As the Town grows, so does the demand on public safety services. Still, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue maintains its levels of service. 

Number of calls

  • 2014:  4,728
  • 2015:  5,199

Why does a fire truck show up when I call for an ambulance?
While some EMS calls can be easily handled by just two people on the medic unit, there are many calls that require extra help with gathering information from family members in a timely manner, lifting and/or moving a patient safely, or aid with patient care should the patient’s condition deteriorate.

Often, in order to provide the quickest response possible, units are sent to an address with limited information (address, type of emergency, chief compliant). As soon as the additional personnel are not required, the fire truck will return to service and be ready for the next call. Having trained help immediately available when minutes could be the difference between life and death, far outweighs the cost of fuel.

CRFD’s firefighters are all trained to the EMT-Basic, and every apparatus is staffed with at least one EMT-Paramedic. Additionally, all primary apparatus carry a full complement of basic and advanced life support (ALS) equipment and medications. 
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Call statistics

Call type
Fire     81     75
Service 1,381 1,301
EMS 3,331 2,911
Alarms   406   431
False Calls
      3     10

Top ten patient complaints

Neck or back pain 242
ETOH or drug overdose/poisoning 204
Abrasions/lacerations/amputations 179
Syncope/dizziness 173
Leg pain 160
Dyspnea 147
Chest pain 146
General weakness 136
Unconsciousness or altered LOC - unknown etiology 136


 EMS calls
  • 2014 - Most common patient problem:  Neck or back pain 
  • 2015 - Most common patient problem:  Neck or back pain
  • Transport destinations for 2014:                                         Castle Rock Adventist - 1,544                                                 Sky Ridge Medical Center - 460
  • Transport destinations for 2015:                                        Castle Rock Adventist - 1,747                                                Sky Ridge Medical Center - 486