Barking Dogs

Report a barking dog

To report a problem with a barking dog, please call the 24/7 non-emergency line, 303-663-6100, or report your concern using the online TRAKiT software system. Please remember to add the address of the barking dog in your narrative or the address section.

Note: The animal control officers work 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily, with the exception of holidays. Your online report may not be read until the next business day. The 24/7 non-emergency line is also an available resource, 303-663-6100.

Municipal Code 6.02.140 - Animal Nuisance Abatement

It is unlawful to keep a dog that habitually barks or creates a nuisance. MuniCode 6.02.140 states:


  1. Generally, no animal owner shall fail to exercise proper care and control of his or her animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance. A public nuisance includes any of the occurrences listed in this Subsection A, as well as any other occurrence determined by the governing body or a court of competent jurisdiction or law.
  2. Noise: No animal owner shall permit any animal to cause annoyance, alarm or noise disturbance for more than five minutes at any time of the day or night, by repeated barking, whining, screeching, howling, braying or other like sounds which can be heard beyond the boundary of the owner's property.

More information

For more information view Municipal Code 6.02.140 online.