Annual and Monthly Reports

Annual Report: Safety is No. 1

Castle Rock’s population reached 69,338 in 2018. Our residents place a high value on small-Town character, home Town appeal and public safety, and we've taken steps to continue to meet that goal.

In the past few years, we initiated a number of changes and set goals within our department. We reorganized our structure, continued to improve efficiencies, implemented new technology, and focused on community policing. All of these initiatives were implemented to maintain the level of service we provide to the community.

Castle Rock Police Department is dedicated to moving our organization forward, with the goal of maintaining the level of service we provide every day to our community.

We are honored to share with you our 2018 Annual Report. We hope the reports provide you with helpful information about our history, the accomplishments of each division, and an understanding of the utmost importance we place on keeping our community safe and a great place to live.

Jack Cauley
Chief of Police     

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